• Every human must have a tree of his own.

  • To provide a reliable and secure integrated platform assuring the real-time status of the planted tree.

  • To establish linkage between humans and plants.

  • To continuously monitor the planted tree through human skill and IT solutions

  • To Provide Historical Data of the planted Tree with respect to the agriculture process applied.

  • To monitor and nourish the trees in order to extend their average life span and encourage people to grow as many trees to match at least one tree per person for the entire population in India.

  • To support linkage between Agency, Gardener, Corporates, NGO’s & individuals at one single platform.

  • To encourage people to link tree plantation with social functions & events.  


  • Trees are a wonderful creation of God. They are our best friends; we cannot think about our existence on earth without the existence of trees. Our beloved poet Tagore claims, ‘back me my forest, take your town.’

  • So, to encourage people to plant a tree in memory of their loved ones on their birth and death. Since trees absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, they are essential for combating the global warming effect being created by excess carbon dioxide generation. They provide us with services from retaining water to cloud formation and weather regulation.