Apiculture is the deliberate rearing of honeybees for production of honey, and other bee products. The bee keeping was rural based and practiced on a small scale by women, men and children. Honeybees produce honey, bee wax and royal jelly thus giving additional benefits to the farmers. About 80 % crop plants are cross-pollinated, as they need to receive pollen from other plants of the same species with the help of external agents. One of the most important external agents is the honeybee.

Bee rearing in a wooden box is also beneficial because it does not harm the bee eggs since it is protected by the wooden box. Honey can be easily taken out from the box by the beekeeper. The promoters were successfully been able to decline the pre-established myths of bee farming in particular location and under specific temperature with proper care and techniques resulting in accelerated production of the honey. With the mechanism the promoters were able to set a path for poor farmers to easily earn high amount of profit with low investment.