About “FinAgroTech”

FinAgroTech took an initiative to restore the ecological balance with the help of monitoring and nourishment of the trees and maintaining by applying skilled manpower and good agricultural practices. This helps in eradicating the mal practices at the initial Level. The Salient features of the system are:

  • This portal encourages the plantation of trees with Real-time monitoring and Geo-based access to the planted trees

  • Incorporating a unique feature of integrating various segments for minding the growth of trees on a single platform in a transparent manner .

  • Co-joint with an E - Agriculture module and Skill development training module providing an extra edge to irrigate poverty and development of human skills and deployment thereof.

  • A reliable and secure integrated platform providing real-time status of the planted tree with backward and forward traceability of the planted Tree.

  • Continuously monitors the planted tree through trained human skills and IT solutions.

  • Act as a Bridge/ linkage between humans and nature to maintain the ecological balance.

  • Inbuilt transparency in all segments of the process applied to the growth of the plants. It has inbuilt tools which atomize the monitoring of the GAP applied. and Geo-based access to the planted trees  

  • Integration with the skill development in the agriculture and allied sectors enhances livelihood for the poor segment of the society and ultimately removal of poverty.  

  • URL - www.finagrotech.com been created to provide an assess to the performance of plants, set up by governments, organizations, and NGOs. The web-enabled platform (i.e., FinAgroTech) establishes links between the past, present, and future data of the planted trees.

  • FinAgroTech presents a web-based platform to both the individuals as well as corporate for planting trees and using this process as they assess their trees growth rate, size (height and width), the current condition of their plants. www.finagrotech.com also helps to locate the exact location of the planted trees, which individuals and corporations can easily find out.

The mission of FinAgroTech is to have at least one tree for every human by Compulsory Plantation of a tree at the time of birth of Child.