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1. Why should I maintain my tree with FinAgroTech?
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2. How can I login with FinAgroTech?

Ans. . FinAgroTech is a part of the CFRCSR Integrated Skill Foundation. To plant a tree, you first must create your unique user id and password.
Step-1: Visit https://finagrotech.com.
Step-2: Click on the “User Login” and then “Create User”.

Step-3: After successful registration, a login page will open. Now, login with your registered Email ID and password.
Step-4: User dashboard will appear. On the top right find “Buy more trees”- Click now”.
Step-5: Select a product you want to buy <” View Details” < Edit the quantity and add to cart.
Step-6: Click on “My Cart” <” Checkout” < choose the location < Edit billing address< “Place order” and pay.
Step-7: Your order has been placed successfully. You can check your order status in “Order” <” Order History”.

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3. How does Finagrotech work?

Ans. In this website/portal, you can plant a tree from anywhere at the click of a mouse. You can plant it yourself by login into the “User Account”. Then, A Gardener will be assigned to plant a tree and a unique Tree ID will be provided to you. The portal will continuously help you monitor and nourish your tree. The Portal has a unique feature of integrating various segments of the tree maintenance on a single platform in a transparent manner

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4. How can I update/Edit my profile?

Ans. To update /edit your profile you need to visit https://finagrotech.com and login with your user id and password.
Go to Profile by clicking on the top right image icon
Click on the Edit button and then “Update”.

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5. Does it cost to create an account on FinAgroTech?

Ans. No, creating a profile on https://finagrotech.com. is Free of Cost.

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6. I can’t remember the password for my account. How can I login again?

Ans. If you have forgotten the password of your account, you need to reset it.
An OTP will be sent to your registered email address, which can be used to set a new password
To reset your password:
Step-1 - Click on the Forgot Password on the Login Page.
Step-2 - Enter the e-mail address with which you created your profile. Click on “Retrieve your password”.
Step-3 - We send an email to your registered email address with a link to change the password. In case you have not received the email with the link, check the spam and junk folders of your inbox.
Step-4 - Click on the link to create New Password.
Step-5 - This takes you to a page where you can enter the new password for logging into your account.

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7. How can I make sure my tree survives?

Ans. That's a great question. After all, we are maintaining and nourishing the trees, not just planting them. We take care of your tree’s condition, diseases if any, height, growth rate, special nourishment, and everything & anything you could think.

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8. Does CFRCSR do other types of social development work beyond tree maintenance?

Ans. Yes, CFRCSR Integrated Skill Foundation is formed to lead the rapid integrated growth of various sectors of the economy and determine priorities through projects, plans, and other initiatives of the Government and Private Sectors for the most effective and balanced utilization of resources, To directly enhance the standard of living of the people, Increasing production by offering opportunities to all through skill development and employment, Establish as a prominent player by creating a unique platform for providing end to end solutions in this field. CFRCSR delivers-

  • Livelihood Mission

  • Elimination of Infertile Cattles

  • Soil Degradation

  • Public health issues through Naturopathy

  • Environment Protection Initiatives

  • Prevention of Natural Resource Depletion

  • Pollution Control Initiatives

  • Water Pollution Controls

  • Basic Education.

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9. What does tree planting have to do with poverty?

Ans. There is a direct link between poverty and planting trees throughout the developing world, Planting trees can effectively end hunger by improving land quality and productivity, so farmers have a sustainable source of food and income.

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10. What is the impact of the projects?

Ans. Our projects aim to generate environmental and/or social impact. We assure the maintenance of trees to restore forests and ecological stability/balance in nature. The projects also provide employment to local communities, ensuring their socio-economic sustainability.

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11. Can I visit the place where my tree is planted?

Ans. Of course, you can. Using the geo-tagged location, you can visit your tree anytime.