Objective of Plantation

To provide the entire traceability of planted trees through the System & ease the monitoring of trees and create a green and clean ecosystem and provide integrated farming to the farmers.

Mitraon Plantation

The place Mitraon is in Najafgarh, New Delhi – 110001. The land area is 3 acres. The main objective of Plantation is to establish integrated farming. Integrated farming is interdependent, interrelated, and interlocking production system based on a few crops, plants, animals, and related subsidiary enterprises in such a way that maximizes the utilization of nutrients of each system and minimizes the negative effect of these enterprises on the environment.

A diversified lane of various plants such as Fruiting plants, flowering, timber, citrus, seasonal and flowering plants, medicinal plants, spices plants are laid along with Amla, Pomegranate, Orange, lemon, Hibiscus varieties, Teak, Anjeer, Elaichi, Apple, Mango, Jack fruit, Kalpvriksh, Peepal, Kuranda, etc. along with crops and vegetable on either sides. The waste products are used as organic manures and used as fertilizer for the plants. The initiative was a massive success and the promoters analyzed and founded the concept of integrated farming.